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From this point on in this document:

“Website” should be interpreted to mean Homeworkdoer.org

“Client”, “Customer” should be interpreted to mean and refer to any individual who has made an order on the website.

“Paper”, “Product” should be interpreted to mean unique research or counsel that the customer receives in accordance to her/his order requirements.

“Order” – refers to the request for services that are to be provided. This request will be processed based on the procedure that has been described on the website. A page could range from 275-300 words.

This website should not be used by children (under the age of 16)

1.We do not intentionally collect any information (including personal data) from, and our Website, information on the Website and/or our Services are not directed to children under the age of sixteen (16) years of age.


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3.When you desire to Order our Services representing a company, enterprise, or other institution, then (i) you (as this term defined herein) includes you and that company, enterprise, or other institution, and (ii) you represent and warrant that you are authorized to bind this company, organization or other entity to our contract (counting these Terms), and that you accept our terms mentioned in this document as a representative of yourself and the company, organization or other entity.4.By ordering/ using our Services you accept that your Services to you may be terminated without warning at our sole discretion, if you breach/ violate these Terms and/or we believe that you do not fit any or the whole of the representations and/or warranties set forth in these Terms.


5.The entire range of diverse products that may be provided by this company are intended for reference or research purposes and personal use only. Further submission or publishing under the name of the customer is allowed. We do not accept liability for the client’s failure in learning the content covered in the order.

6.Once you, the customer, has had the payment processed, and has the written assignment downloaded, they obtain full copyrights of the order.

7.The company makes certain that it never publishes, resells or makes any other kind of use of the paper that is submitted to the client.

8.This company does reserve the right to use any appropriate sources to finish the research- journals, books, interviews, newspapers, online publications unless the client indicates reservations. In the event that a particular source is to be used, the customer is needed to provide us with the source as a fax or scan copy. We cannot guarantee that the source will be used unless it is readily available online.

9.The work that is provided by the company is intended for reference/research purposes, for this reason, we guarantee the quality of the order. However, we cannot guarantee the client a final grade.

10.The company may not be held liable for any indirect or direct costs that might be associated with the choice of the customer to use services offered by Homeworkdoer.org

11.The client is required to provide briefings that are clear and make certain that all additional materials are provided for. Failure to do so in a timely fashion may get the order delayed from being processed.

12.For orders that are urgent (within 48 hours) and are more than 8 pages long, the company is not able to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

13.The agreement is perceived as finished after the payment has been completed and is confirmed to have been deposited into the company’s account.


14.Our customer may receive a refund, under the following circumstances


15.We only provide customized work that is not plagiarized. To ensure this, we run a plagiarism check on all our orders.

16.However, in the event that the customer detects parts which have been plagiarized, a refund can be made in full.

17.In instances where a significant portion of the research has been copied (over 10%), and consistent proof of the same is provided, 100% refund will be made.

Order Cancellation

18.Your order is usually assigned to an academic expert within an hour of the final placement order. Thus, 100% of the amount cannot be refunded.

19.In the event that the customer, cancels the order before it has been assigned to an expert, only 80% of the initial payment is made with the 20% being the cost of transaction.

20.In the event that the order is nullified after the order has been assigned, the amount to be refunded, cannot be over 60% and may vary depending on the progress already made.

Failure to Perform the Research

21.Our team can handle any academic task and this has not yet happened. However, in the event that this occurs, 100% refund is made. We will also provide the customer with a discount for any future orders made.

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